Trago Anejo

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An anejo for agave lovers

From TequilaGringo: An anejo for agave lovers.  Clear, clean agave flavor.  Not much of the barrel is noticeable and this is not a flaw, but rather a feature for those who like more vegetal tequilas.  Very light spice, low heat, and smooth.  Color is lighter than many anejos.  An interesting sipping teqiula but perhaps not for those of you who enjoy honeyed or oakey anejos.   

From Trago and Trago Tequila is produced at the Los Alambiques Distillery, located in the higher altitude of the Arandas region in Central Mexico. Los Alambiques is owned and operated by Felipe Camarena, son of the famous Don Felipe, who is known and revered throughout the world as "the Father of Tequila." The Camarena family has been the only family in the history of the tequila business to win “Best Tequila” in the past 3 years consecutively. Their distilleries have won numerous accolades, including several Distiller of the Year awards. Los Alambiques is currently producing 100% Webber Blue Agave ultra-premium tequila of the highest quality. The distillery and surrounding growing area boasts the best soil and climatic conditions in the "Altos de Jalisco" region of Mexico.  Image also from

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The producer of this tequila

The producer of this tequila wanted to repair damage that Cuervo did to you while you were young by taking the retirement money of all the investors that backed him. THIS GUYS IS A THEIF and should be in jail.

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