Tequila Gringo Mixology

Our favorite mixed drink at Tequila Gringo is one part tequila, zero parts anything else. Pour tequila in a glass, drink, repeat. We aren't purists, we just know what we like and that's tequila. OK, now that we have that out of the way let's get down to mixing!

You want to mix a drink with tequila? Begin by pouring 8 oz of your favorite tequila into a flask, first thing when you wake up, and carry it with you throughout the day! Do you know how many opportunities there are in an average weekday to mix tequila? No? Oh, you are missing out! Orange juice? Obviously! Coffee? Oh yeah. Jamba juice? Well, here and there you can work it with a Jamba juice (like their lemonade goes great with a reposado). Aguas frescas? Now you're talking!

You can't drink all day long on a Wednesday? Well we're proud to say we've done the work for you. Below we list a few of our favorites, and give them some catchy (we hope) names. Nothing would make us happier than to overhear somebody order one of our drinks at a bar and have the bartender say, "Huh? What's in that?"

And, don't forget, ingredients are everything. Quality tequila, fresh juices and fruits... it matters.

The Tequila Gringo

This one was kind of a revelation. It's just so damn simple and so crazy good.  So good, we named it after ourselves, as if it were our first born or something.  When we first shared this with a group of friends over cards, one guy said, "Man you can't publish that! We gotta keep that for ourselves!" Ah, that's not the spirit at Tequila Gringo. We drop knowledge like donkey drops..., well you get the idea. Drum roll please: The Tequila Gringo is

  • 2 shots quality anejo
  • 6 oz horchata

 That's it. Serve it cold, serve it hot, it's just crazy good. Please, take your flask with you next time you're out for Mexican food and order a horchata, and then give it a good pour. Thinking about an Irish Coffee? - go with a Tequila Gringo served hot.  You will thank us. BTW, your mixologist strongly prefers Salvadorian horchata, and recommends Casa Noble.

The Jalisco

A tequila drinker's mixed tequila. It's sort of like a martini, but with alcohol you actually like to drink instead of Gin which makes pretty much everybody want to rebel against the British. You need a shaker (pun if you must), and a martini glass.

  • A bunch of ice in a shaker.
  • 3 oz floral blanco
  • The faintest pour of vermouth ever.

Shake like mad.  Pour into a very cold glass. Garnish with a ribbon or two of freshly cut Jalapeno.

YUM! Your mixologist recommends Asombroso, and personally prefers several ribbons of jalapeno.

Linda en Rosa (Pretty in Pink)

Maybe it's a little girly, but hey, girls like to get drunk, too! And, truth be told, a glass of Linda en Rosa by the pool is a pretty fabulous way to spend a hot summer afternoon.

  • 2 shots blanco
  • 2 oz watermelon juice
  • crushed watermelon
  • Mint
  • Agave syrup to taste.

Put a couple of cubes of watermelon in a tumbler and mash them up really good with whatever you have handy to mash things. Pour in the blanco, stir it a bit. Add a handful of ice. Add watermelon juice, and a squirt of agave syrup. Stir, garnish with mint. We could drink these all day. Your mixologist recommends a straightforward blanco, like Patron. No sense getting too creative with the tequila since you're adding all that sugar and fruit anyway.

The Fisherman's Margarita

Your mixologist's personal favorite mixed drink. I love to fish in Baja California and you can be sure there is no blender on a Panga 20 miles out in the sea, and you can be just as sure it's hotter than a radiator in the months when the dorado are running. And when somebody yells "Hook up!" (yes fishermen actually yell this) you don't want to spill your drink. Solution? Read on.

  • 1 can of Squirt
  • A healthy pour of any with the label "Tequila"

Look, I said at the beginning we weren't purists. We love to drink tequila, savor it, explore it's myriad styles and, blah blah blah. Sometimes we just need a drink, damn it, and it's hot, and we need something easy. Try this: drink a couple of swigs out of a can of Squirt, top it off with a big pour of "Tequila", then drink it on a boat in the middle of a hot inland sea, preferable with a fish on your line. Yeah, life can be THAT good. (if you add lime and salt, you've got a Paloma - but we like the simplicity of the Fisherman's marg)


The Tequila Gringo

I had some Horchata around and fired up a batch when I saw this posted last night. Tequila hot chocolate. Delicious. Perfect way to get through my wife's watching the ice dancing in the Winter Olympics.

The fisherman's Margarita, AKA Paloma

The fisherman's Margarita is actually called a Paloma. It tastes better if you add a squeeze and/or garnish of lime.
My favorite drink when doing yard work.


Can't wait to try a Teq Gringo! For the Jalisco, I just poured a little splash of vermouth over the ice and then drain it before adding the tequila, shake, strain and pour. A twist of lime also works.

Fisherman's Margarita

For many years my "secret" recipe has been Tequila, Diet Squirt, and 1/2 a squeezed lime. It tastes great and helps people like me from getting too large.


excellent suggestion. 


Can't wait to try all of these! Fisherman's Margarita does sound a little too fancy of a name for such a simple solution. Margarita implies lime, salt, and cointreau are added. I think I will have to be the bartender at my own going away party to get all amazing drinks!

Hansen (@unomos)

Margarita Falsa

You're probably laugh your ass off the first time you read this, but have your mixologist throw it together and give it a shot. Margaritas are great on hot mornings, afternoons, evenings, etc, and here's an easy way to make a tasty one that will have even non-tequila drinkers crawling home (and won't break the bank when you drink 3 or 4 blenders of the stuff):

6 oz frozen lime juice concentrate (half a can)
6 oz of any semi-respectable tequila or Jose Cuervo Anejo/1800 etc
ONE (1) 12 oz pilsner or lager type beer (no dark or red beer), like Tecate, Dos Equis, Pacifico, Corona, etc

Fill a blender 1/2 - 2/3 full of ice, dump in the other stuff in no particular order (it's a blender) and Blend!
Saludos, amigos!
Gringo en Paraiso


not only did you guys beat me to publishing the tequila/horchata drink, you also had a cool name for it. hats off to you and, yes, it is effing delicious...


Try Fresca instead of Squirt! Excellente!


Actually a Paloma is Tequila and Grapefruit (rubyred).

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