Dona Carlota Reposado - Tequila Cactus Bottle

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Floral Tequila!

From Tequila Gringo:

We found the Dona Carlota repo to have a nice, light, and fragrant nose.  It smelled of spice to some degree, but we finally figured out that it was more like a potpurri!  It has a soft taste that was really floral.  VERY easy finish, and it maintained the taste throughout the finish.  This is a great starter tequila, and would be interesting in any tasting flight of anejos because it's so unique.

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Got a bottle in Tulum for 10 bucks. Never seen it,but the genie bottle looked cool and I like an adventure. Holy smoke it is good. I'll be bringing some home for sure. ;/

Dona Carlota Blanco in a tall, graceful bottle?


We've been looking for the agave bottle of Dona Carlota for more than 2 years. We've heard that it has been completely discontinued. Then, today in Ensenada MX we found the Conquistador tequila in a twin bottle. Next to it on the shelf was a Dona Carlota in a lovely brown bottle shaped something like a Genie's bottle ($54). Tonight we are tasting it alongside our other tequilas, and it is our favorite! Light, perfumy, smooth; delicious. But, the proprietor of the Ensenada liquor store told us that even this bottle is becoming collectable because production is phasing out. Gee- I wonder what the story is on Dona Carlota tequila?



Where would you be able to buy a bottle of this in the Los Angeles area? I've been looking for the past week but no luck, Thanks


I see it in LA from time to time. You just have to check a bunch of random liquor stores (I never seem to see it at places like BevMo). But it's definitely in LA. 

amazing tequila ... don't see

amazing tequila ... don't see it very often, but just amazingly smooth and nice agave flavor. highly recommended.

Nom Nom Nom


Pretty smooth stuff. It was so good I ate jack in the box after.

Five star for smoothness, I like it'


Most of my sisters and their friends like this,

muy bueno

necesidad de comprobar:)

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