Asom Broso Blanco

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Smells not so Asom, finishes good tho

Tequila Gringo Editor's Review We weren't in love with the smell of this tequila, and frankly couldn't find anything special in the smell to point out. The taste however was much better, particularly how it finished. We'd say it's a pretty good tequila, but not one of our favorites. Heck of a fancy bottle though, so it has that going for it.

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A little harish... But if it's chilled, it goes down pretty smooth.

Asom silver

A buddy of mine lost a football bet and a bottle of the silver/blanco was delivered to my address 1 week later. We don't have it here in Charlotte, NC. Since this was his suggestion and for me not to get my usual tequila, Patron. He has me hooked now. I guess he'll have to continue to ship to me until it comes this way. Of course the bottle design is the best out there right now.

Awesome tequila, had it in


Awesome tequila, had it in Vegas with some mates. Killed the bottle in 30 mins.

Interesting Bottle


Great tequila!

Never trust a designer


Look at that bottle. Now picture yourself taking a big swig while one of your poker buddies snaps a photo... get the idea? Perhaps the... ahem... most suggestive bottle design in Tequila land. Look, taste is what matters, and that should mean taste in all things, including bottle design. I love tequila from a Riedel glass, but if you can't pull the cork out and throw it away and then take a big swig and pass the bottle to your friends, forget it.

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